Whether to Hire a Disk Jockey Or a Live Band For Your Reception

The Cost

Always the first query asked of any act, and here the cell DJ will almost always pop out to be the cheapest. Most right function bands (no longer backing track singers with mini-disc song) commonly price between £500 and £1500 for a two hour set. If cash isn’t any item, then certainly a band constantly looks the extra outstanding choice as there may be nothing to in shape the sight and sounds of tune played live. Of path hours doesn’t cover the entire evening, so it could transpire that a DJ is needed in the end to fill the gaps.

The common price of a good excellent wedding ceremony DJ is around the £300-£500 mark and on the way to cover the whole evening, from 7pm til midnight.

The Venue

Thought ought to be given to wherein and whilst the band can set up; some of smaller characteristic suites cannot deal with a 5 piece band, while an awesome DJ can adapt to his environment. In a bigger venue, the band option starts to appearance higher. They take in the complete stage in which a DJ might also fail to fill it, therefore creating the general impact of ‘larger and higher’ – it is seldom that visitors gasp with pleasure at a DJ’s rig like they frequently do when spotting a live band’s equipment. Setting-up time is likewise to be considered… A DJ must take around 45 minutes to arise and jogging, whilst a band may be a little longer as they require sound assessments, and so on.

And one greater venue trouble… The scary sound display. This cuts the strength to the degree while a preset noise degree is exceeded. They are notoriously difficult for DJs, or even worse for bands as live song is a hard noise level to manipulate.

The Music

It’s a question of flavor right here, and the Live Band Singapore antique adage that ‘you cannot please all the human beings all of the time.’ Some will be delighted to bounce to a characteristic band playing cowl variations, others could be appalled that their favorite songs are being ‘murdered’ and could a good deal instead listen the originals. If you do choose a specific sort of band, i.E. A rock/indie band, then it is beneficial to help them with a DJ, so folks who want to pay attention the disco classics may have their second at the dancefloor.

With a very good nice DJ, you may of course have most song genres included so that you can successfully maintain all of us glad.

To Summarize…

Having been a DJ for two decades, a band manager and some-time singer, I think I can stay pretty independent in my hints.

If your venue is small (a hundred human beings or much less) then take the DJ-only choice, it’s far much less trouble in putting in place, positioning and noise level.

Large venues can accommodate bands without difficulty, so I might simply advise having one… At the side of a DJ as assist. A certainly true covers band can carry the atmosphere via the roof if they’re put on at the right time during the night. Now all you need to do is determine for yourself!

The Author, is a expert mobile DJ in Essex he has nearly twenty years experience as an Essex Wedding DJ. Visit Essex Wedding Services for further articles.