The Importance Of Fundraising By Non Profits

Choosing the “perfect” fundraiser for your group is hard because each group dynamic is different, and your patrons and donors are all different as well. The following fundraising ideas have been proven to be both fun and profitable from groups throughout the county.

Polar Bear Plunge: In this fundraiser, participants golf tournament prize ideas agree to jump into a very cold body of water (frozen lake or iced swimming pool). You can then charge an admission fee to watch the event. Selling food and drinks at the event would help bring in additional profits. This event is not only memorable, but also can be turned into an annual event as it gains in popularity.

Golf/Basketball Tournament: Tournaments are always a great fundraiser as they have the potential to bring in very large crowds of participants. You can simply set the rules yourself and charge an admittance fee. The better your prize is for the tournament, the more participants, and entry fees you can collect.

Jello Wrestling: This type of fundraiser allows both fraternities and sorority members to work together in the same fundraiser. Guys and girls can simply wrestle each other in a large tub filled with jello. Charging an admittance fee for viewers and a premium fee for those that want to actually participate in a wrestling match.

These are only a few of the innovative and fun fundraisers your fraternity can hold. With so many resources online regarding different fundraising ideas, it all boils down to how well you can throw it, how well you can market the event, and how well you can execute it. Patrons and donors of fundraisers tend to appreciate originality and fun fundraisers over the usual boring fundraisers. They get more utility for their money with original ideas.