Planning to Use Curtain Holdbacks to Hang Curtains?

Choosing curtains for household windows is a tough decision, considering all the various types of material used, styles created, and lengths provided. The list below consists of four styles of net curtains. Each has a different purpose than the next and each one is also able to create an entirely different window display. Most are offered in a variety of lengths and widths, but this will depend mostly on the company manufacturing them.

Voile Curtains- This type of curtain is available in sizes for all sizes of windows and can be added to other types of curtains as well. For instance, using a net curtain that is around 27 inches long will leave enough room so that a nice swag can be added to the top of the window. The light is able to be filtered on the entire window and more privacy is gained by having the longer voile curtain on the bottom. These also range between being sheer to almost completely opaque.

Cafe Curtains- These usually are placed Buy curtains dubai along the bottom part of a window that is positioned next to an eating area. This short curtain provides enough privacy while still allowing light to enter the top portion of the window. Many cafe curtains come in designs that are very eye catching; embroidered chickens, macram’ fringe off the bottom, or even a simple pattern covering the entire curtain. They are usually about 60 inches wide, so most people only place one per curtain rod, unless they desire a fuller effect.

Voile Swags- Most curtains in this style have one gathered side that a curtain rod can be fed through, which then causes the rest of the curtain to hang in a curved pattern. This swag effect is also created by voile pieces that are simply gathered at the ends and the middle is allowed to droop down.

These swags are excellent for creating an elegant appearance to a plain room. They also go well over a long voile panel or thick curtain with a busy pattern.

Jardinieres- These are the reverse design of a swag, this curtain arches up in the middle instead of dropping down. This type of curtain provides plenty of privacy and softens outside light at the same time. The arch in the middle can range from being very subtle to a more noticeable one.

These are often placed on the lower part of the window, allowing the upper portion to be open. Sometimes they are used on small windows and fill the entire length of the window area.

This variety of net curtains mentioned above isn’t the end of the list. There are still many other types offered in department stores and online. They also come in just about any hue desired, enabling you to design the perfect window dressing for every room in your home. So, whether you are choosing a single curtain to enhance the appearance of one window, or redoing your entire home, these curtains might be just what you are looking for.