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It is handiest in Nigeria that a corrupt baby-kisser from a specific tribe or nation is charged to court for stealing from his/her humans and the same human beings might be those telling you “go away our son/daughter by myself”. “Tender justice with mercy”. What the hell?!!!!! This bloody fool simply stole your livelihood: avoided you from having desirable roads, hospitals, descent consuming water, meals and turned you to subhuman species while his/her kids are gallivanting all around the international along with your cash. He/she is charged to court then you begin accusing the government of selective prosecution. It doesn’t rely if it is your brother, your dad, your sister or cousin. The man or woman has deprived you of your fundamental rights of livelyhood. Nigeria assets belong to every body so he isn’t doing you any favour through stealing and depriving you of it. This is almost like victim self-blaming. This is wherein the victim begins wondering it’s miles their fault and start feeling sorry for the bully or the individual that has been mistreating them. You ask your self “what the bleep is wrong here?” Nigerians have been psychologically abused goodbye that we are feeling sorry for the abusers and bullies. What a shame.

This makes you wonder why the senate president deliberate that “coup”. I accept as true with they knew there was going to be a real alternate whereby the president became going to pick out new fearless judges and a fixed of courts so that it will be dealing solely with corruption. If there are pictures or evidences to show piles of cash in someone’s residence and that they can’t account for it, that should be a slam dunk case. The Whole global has seen on internet distinctive piles of cash at houses of corrupt politicians. This people are nonetheless taking walks round free. They are invited by using EFCC multiple instances and on the stop of the day not anything comes out of it and absolutely everyone forgets the case. Do you have to be a rocket scientist to determine what goes on? The judges are the hassle.!!! Remember when the former governor of delta kingdom changed into accused in a Nigerian courtroom whilst the judge stated that he had convicted him years back? All of a sudden the equal decide had selective amnesia at the subsequent court consultation!!! Shegéé! What a funny story?

The subsequent issue they want to do now could be permit the senate president break out along with his dribbling. Bringing forty-50 senators to the court docket session is nothing but a recreation. People ought to recognize that by using now. That’s what all of them do. The funny element about this is people need to reward those moves even as they’re making a fool of everyone.

This is wherein we need to help the president. Right wondering and conscientious people need to go to the court docket residence and have peaceful demonstration against this people. If there are 50 of the senators, allow there be 2000 human beings to counter them. If the complete senate goes with him at some stage in the subsequent listening to, let there be 4000 plus human beings to counter. This is the simplest way we will help the president fight this gang of thieves. They do not care approximately the people. You surprise how you have got some of these evidences against them with billions stolen but the stupid judges might be setting humans that stole portions of fish in prison. Nigerians want to awaken. The youths want to awaken from their slumber. All the fathers of the independence had been of their overdue 20’s and early 30’s. Chief Awolowo,Sadauna of sokoto, Azikiwe,,obasanjo, Gowon and the relaxation of them had been in their 30’s making selections that affected the state. Wake up youths, awaken. Whenever those rogues go to public places human beings need to allow them to know Nigerians aren’t fritters.

You want to assist the president? Then show Nigerian Weddings UK it with the aid of letting the enemies of development recognize that it’s miles a new sunrise. Let the horrific justices which are constantly abating with the corrupt politicians realize that we support the president in fighting this menace referred to as corruption. We will do some thing to position corruption inside the coffin. Let the drivers, the chefs and maids of these corrupt elements recognise that enough is sufficient. Even the security details want to begin asking themselves if they’re where they want to be or is the united states of america wherein it is meant to be. No matter what amount of cash they pay you, their corrupt action is depriving the united states of america from progressing. These politicians are cowards. By the time you continue to display like what happened in ilorin, they’ll run away. It is them against the residents that voted for president Buhari. Can Nigerians do it? Can the youths call for for his or her rights? They may additionally do it for some days and go back to their shells, leaving matters as reputation quo. They neglect that trade and freedom are not smooth to gain without a protracted conflict. The college students in South Africa these days demanded till the president listened to them and met their demands. This is what takes place anywhere in the world wherein the humans want real change. We realize who the enemies are and what they do. So help the president by way of traumatic justice for him. He cannot do it by himself.

As for former petroleum minister, she wishes to go to oshika, okogbe, Akala-Olu in ahaoda west neighborhood authorities region of Rivers State. This place plus all others within the Niger delta are destroyed due to corrupt moves of human beings that allow environmental polluters from being held liable for their moves. She claims to have breast most cancers. What does she want people which have neurofibromas, strong cutaneous tumors, human beings with topical ulcer, kids with single brains (holoprosancephally), kids with abnormally big distance between the eyes(hypertalorism) do? They do not live long. Niger delta region in which the fish smells of kerosine and the Eba turns black. What does she want the ones humans to say? Who goes to hope for them? She has a new minister seeking to spin the scenario and make her look properly. Did he suppose Nigerians are stupid? The president should beware of that minister due to the fact we do not assume he can be relied on. The positions she held were now not the issue. What she did no longer do along with her role was the hassle and the way she now not most effective wasted money even as her humans are loss of life however embezzled cash and disadvantaged them of top life. Was she praying for this humans? She can cross back and forth to talk over with the first-rate physicians any wherein inside the international with Nigerian money. But who is going to attend to the illnesses of this people within the Niger delta which might be demise like chickens? For the subsequent 50 years the most cancers charge will retain to growth.

She forgot her personal people. Now she needs human beings to wish for her.She is fortunate to have just breast most cancers and means to deal with herself. But there are those who live with worse and greater aggressive forms of most cancers that resulted from her corrupt actions and inactions approximately the crude oil pollutants. This human beings can not afford to devour, not to speak approximately treating their cancer. A lot of human beings think she can have cervical most cancers for all they care. The man or woman that desires assist and prayer proper now’s the president and the people can do it by means of taking the united states of america back. Do we want to resurrect Tunde Idiagbon to come back deal with those corrupt politicians and all their cohorts?

There has been a whole lot of talks about “alternate” for the reason that 2015 campaign began and it stored resonating after the election. President Muhammadu Buhari gained and plenty of people are glad.

I believe Nigeria will now not have a actual alternate and it’s residents will no longer revel in it till a few people are taught a lesson. A society wherein there’s no rule of law is doomed. Then what do you are saying about a society where the judges that are supposed to uphold the law are those that aren’t only breaking it however are abating the moves of the criminals? It is most effective in Nigeria that a verdict is written that states the criminal have to now not be “stressed”. It is most effective in Nigeria that the judges postpone cases indefinitely till the corrupt politicians leave workplace. It is best in Nigeria that even as votes are being counted a winner is said with photo that shows very last outcomes. That is like saying Thursday comes before Tuesday in a given week. It is a no-brainer. It does now not show any logical sense. The judges don’t have any ignominy at all. No discreetness.