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MP3 is the popular version of MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. It is a patented digital audio encoding format. MP3 is an audio specific format designed for use with digital audio players. It is an approved ISO standard rating.

The MP3 is a compressed disc that has a larger storage capacity than other CDs. Its reproduction still remains like the original. Its capacity is 1/11th of that of an ordinary CD file. The MP3 can be built at higher or lower bit rates with varying qualities. The MP3 is similar to that of the principles used by JPEG compression format.

The MP3 gained recognition on the internet in the 1990s and today its popularity is widespread. Actually it has been an eyesore to the recording companies because of 풀싸롱 its free sharing on the internet. The sale of music CDs has been reduced by this and there are also possibilities of music and video piracy as well.

Though the people of today feel that MP3s are the way to their future, the recording companies have their own reasons to dislike them. They argue that such files should not be made freely accessible to the public through the internet because this causes loss in their business.

Whatever may be the inner politics against the free downloading of MP3 files, every one of us continue to download them. No one is going to be convinced that we should buy the MP3 CDS or DVDs from the recording shops.

Karaoke MP3s are sure the way to the future. Listening to an MP3 CD is fun, but think of the added fun you could have with a karaoke MP3. You can have non-stop music for 3 hours or more. You can sing along without any break. All your friends can join in. The songs would be of varying tunes. The lyrics can also be seen on the screen. This would be more interesting to sing along while you party.

For home parties or even larger gatherings, the MP3 is always sort among the rest. You can carry just a few CDS and yet have all the tunes that you need. You can sort out the music according to the taste of the friends gathered around you. You can have your own party/club with the karaoke MP3 beside you.