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Polybutylene Class Action Lawsuit cases are all over the country right now. These cases have been going on since the 1908s when people started to see serious belviq class action failures with their poly piping systems throughout the home. The cause of the lawsuit is varied for everyone, but basically comes down to a situation where the pipes are not safe for use and have caused serious issues, including water damage, leaks, burst pipes, and other problems for consumers in up to 10 million homes around the United States. This product was first introduced in 1978, and was used all the way up until 1995 in homes all over the nati

These three elements are all reasons that this lawsuit has succeeded. Even though the manufacturers of these pipes will not admit that their product is defective and needs to be taken off the market, it is no longer used and they have given $950 million to fund the lawsuit settlements of consumers who have dealt with problems with their pipes. A company giving up money for a problem that they don’t think exists is ridiculous. This company knows very well what they did and are now paying the fine for their ignorance.

Polybutylene pipes are used in the home, outside the home, in water distribution plants, and anywhere that small ½ to 1 inch pipes are needed. Therefore, there are many different people who have to look to see if they have these pipes and indeed need to become a part of the class action lawsuit to replace the pipes. Replacement can occur at anytime, and you should get enough from the settlement to at least cover that cost, plus any damages that occurred.

Because these pipes proved to be an utter failure in plumbing, anyone who has them in their home has the right to sue for money damages, even if no damages have occurred yet. The class action lawsuit was simply caused by a company that didn’t take everything into consideration before putting a new product on the market and promoting it for a use where it actually isn’t safe to be used because of environmental factors. Because of this, consumers are now battling lawsuit settlements all over the country to recoup their losses.