Effects of Humidity and Temperature on Violin and How to Take Care of Your Violin

Quite possibly the earliest advance to figuring out how to play the violin is ensuring you figure out how to accurately hold the violin. There is an appropriate strategy to this that ought to be done likewise way every time you get the violin to play it. Here are the main focuses as indicated beneath.

Stage 1 – Introducing a Shoulder Rest

Prior to making sense of precisely where you will hold your violin a decent instrument to utilize is known as a shoulder rest. This instrument is put on the rear of the violin towards the lower session to support solace while holding the violin. There are various kinds of shoulder rests you can purchase, however to go modest a long nylon wipe can turn out great. You can connect the wipe by applying an elastic band to the lower part of the violin and the left corner edge of the back.

Stage 2 – Where to put the violin

The violin ought to be held in your left antique violin bows hand and put on top of your left shoulder on top of the shoulder rest. Your jawline will lay on the foundation of the instrument on top of what is known as the jaw rest. The jaw rest is a dark, oval formed piece that is utilized to make the instrument more straightforward to hold. The violin ought to fit safely between your jawline and shoulder, and you ought to have the option to hold the violin with no hands.

Stage 3 – Thumb and Hand Situation

Your left hand will assist with holding the instrument and be situated at the neck of the instrument. Your left thumb ought to be set straightforwardly to one side of the fingerboard, which is the long dark piece in the violin. The thumb ought to be close to a half inch width separated from the finish of the fingerboard. To the extent that how high your thumb ought to be, it ought to be actually level with the tallness of the fingerboard and no sequential.

Stage 4 – Wrist Position

One of the most significant and most troublesome aspects of holding the violin has to do with the wrist position. Numerous fledglings need to lay their wrist on the rear of the violin which is inappropriate strategy. Despite the fact that it appears to be simpler along these lines, the wrist shouldn’t contact the violin by any means and be absolutely straight wild while holding the violin. This will take practice and mindfulness by the player. The most compelling motivation for this is that having the wrist free permits you to play various notes all over the violin unreservedly and in order.

Stage 5 – Stance

The violin can be played either plunking down or standing up. Either position you ought to keep the violin corresponding to the ground and straight before you. It is not difficult to get languid and play with the violin calculated downwards or to one or the other side yet adhering to these guidelines is ideal. While standing up you ought to keep even weight on both your feet and have them should width separated. While plunking down it is a positive routine to sit on the edge of the seat and sit straight up.


When you follow these means over the long run they will just come normal to you. It is essential to do these immediately as an amateur so you don’t foster negative behavior patterns for later on.

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